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Efforts to return loans from Kabul Bank scandals still continues – AGO

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2015)

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Kabul Bank embezzlement case is still under investigation by the Attorney General Office of Afghanistan, Officials.

Baseer Azizi AGO spokesman said that the Attorney General Office of Afghanistan is currently struggling to reimburse millions of dollars being embezzled from the Kabul Bank one of the largest private banks in Afghanistan between 2004 – 2010; while ,senate members accuse the government for neglecting the case.

Azizi said,” We are strongly struggling to return Kabul Bank moneys back, and we could return about $220 million so far. We have blocked the properties of those who have borrowed a large amount of money from the bank and we are also tracking to detain those who have escaped from the country.”

President Ghani issued a decree on his initial days inquiring to re-open the Kabul Bank embezzlement case, and the court soon sentenced the biggest scandals including Ex-Chairman Shir Khan Farnood, and Ex-CEO Khalilullah Ferozi, but the government is still unsuccessful to return moneys back and trial those powerful shareholders who were also involved in Kabul Bank cases.

Most of the scandals escaped out of the country without being trialed.

On the other hand, acting head of the Afghanistan Central Bank warns if the debitors fail to pay their loans they will sell their properties being freezed.

Acting Head of the Afghanistan Central Bank Khan Afzal Hudawal said,” We are trying to collect and return the Kabul Bank moneys, and I would like to warn the loaners once again if they fail to pay their loans we will sell their properties being freezed”.

Lawmakers believe that the government is neglecting the real scandals including ex-finance minister Omar Zakhilwal.

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Zalmai Zabuli, the Senate Complaints Commission Chief said,” Investigations on Kabul Bank crisis case are still without any result and it is really concerning. Several documents prove involvement of government high ranking officials in Kabul Bank crisis including ex-finance minister involvement, but the question is why they are not trialing Omar Zakhilwal? Documents prove his involvement in Kabul Bank crisis, but both the government and the judiciary systems are keeping their silent about him.”

Earlier Ex-Kabul Bank Chief Executive Officer accused Mohammad Omar Zakhilwal being involved in Kabul Bank embezzlement crisis during a live court, but Mr. Zakhilwal rejected the accusation saying I haven’t signed anything.

Reported by: Rafi Sediqi

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