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Educational documents burned in protest against unemployment

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2015)

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A number of angry educated Afghan youths burned their educational degrees in protest against unemployment.

Mohammad Hussain Jawaheri on of the protesters said,” Afghan youths are studying with lots of difficulties, their parents are working hard to earn and literate their children, but there is no employment opportunity for youths”.

Protesters calling “we want a job” criticized the National Unity government saying the recruitment process have been frozen in all governmental institutions in the last seven months.

Jawaheri further added,” We are asking the government to provide job opportunities for youth generation without any discrimination, they must fulfill election commitments. There is no job for educated people, because you need to have relation to occupy a job.”

Demonstrators warned to extend their protest if the government continues to neglect the unemployment issue, because they don’t have enough to feed themselves anymore.

Another protester Habibullah Eltaf complained,” the government is responsible to find suitable job for educated youths, they must not let youths to escape the country because of unemployment and commit illegal crimes”.

Afghan youths are studying hard for years to find a desirable job once they have graduated, but most of Afghans including illiterate youths are suffering from unemployment across the country. The government has failed to tackle this challenge so far, social experts believe that one of the reasons why the number of addicts to drugs increase is lack of employment opportunities and insecurity in the country.

Reported by: Waheed Nawisa

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