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Education director of Ghor executes two men after field trails

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2015)

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The education director of Shaharak district of Ghor province shoot down two men after a field trails.

Ghor provincial head, Fazlulhaq Ehsan confirmed the incident, saying after the corpse of son of provincial head found, local religious scholars in cooperation with Masoom Khan decided to retaliate.

Relatives of the slain claimed that the education director tortured two men on suspicion of murdering his son for eight days then killed them after his field trails.

“They got my son out of the house, took him to the mountains for eight days, then after torturing killed him,” Malika, mother of the slain said, tears trickling down her cheeks.

Jalil Ahmad, Brother of slain said, “In their field trials, they decided to shoot them down.”

The relatives called on government for justice, but declared that police failed to arrest the suspects because they are the local powerful.

Ariananews wanted to have the comments of the ministry of interior and Ghor police commander, but they refused to comment on the issue.

Reported by Ahamd Farshad Saleh


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