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Early Election Campaigns Illegal, Candidates Will Face Actions: IECC

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2018)

The Independent Electoral Commission (IECC) says it has begun addressing the complaints against early campaigning for parliamentary elections. 

The IECC’s move apparently comes after some parliamentary election candidates’ have begun campaigning for the elections by posting their large pictures in Kabul City.

Ali Reza Rohani, Spokesman of the IECC said early campaigning is in contravention of the electoral law and those candidates who continue early campaigns will face legal actions.

He stressed that the issue is being under investigation and that they will address the cases in this regard after its registration and documentation process.

Rejecting the issue, some parliamentary election candidates said that their pictures have not been set up to campaign for the elections before its set date.

Based on the timeline, the campaigns for parliamentary elections will start late September and will end about a week before the election date which is scheduled on October 20.

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