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Durable Peace Cannot Be Cancelled With a Tweet: MPs

(Last Updated On: September 11, 2019)

If the Taliban wants peace, it is time for them to start “direct talks with Afghan people and Afghan government”, some members of Afghan Parliament said on Wednesday.

These Parliament members stress that talks to ensure durable peace can’t be called off by a tweet.

“It is time for them to announce a ceasefire and began direct talks if they want peace. But if they enjoy killing Afghans, shames on them,” said Hamidullah Tokhi, a member of the lower house of parliament representing Zabul province.

“Based on the Constitution, the government service term has ended. Those politicians who can’t define the national interest and lack the capacity of negotiating should not hold talks with the Taliban,” said Niloofar Ibrahimi, another lawmaker from northern Badakhshan province.

Furthermore, Mahdi Rasikh an MP from Maidan Wardak province claimed that new groups joined with the Taliban during peace talks in order to have a share in power.

“Some people who had nothing to do with the militant group joined them when rumors spread that Taliban would take over the government after a peace deal,” MP Rasikh said.

This comes as U.S. President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he has “called off” the peace negotiations with the Taliban leaders after the group carried out an attack in Kabul on Thursday in which one American and 11 others were killed.

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