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Drugs deals with No Fears in Kabul City

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2015)


Ariana News documentary on dealing drugs as free within the capital city of Kabul has made the United Nations crime and Narcotics office to express its deep concerns over the issue, the following office has declared the main insecurity factors are planting Narcotic drugs and it’s trafficking across the country.

Deputy of counter Narcotic drugs department in Ministry of Interior Affairs though doesn’t reject the selling of Narcotic drugs as free in Kabul,decalred that having no dedicated police forces to combat this has caused the drug traffickers and drug users numbers increased.

Ariana News documentary on drugs in the capital city of Kabul indicates that drugs are found in different parts of the Kabul city as below : Park silo, Shahrara, Dahanbagh,close to Eidgah masque,Pul-i-sukhta, Sharak Aria, Charqala, they sell different types of drugs and are dealt with fears from security forces in Kabul.

Responsible in United Nation counter Narcotic drugs office Hashim Wahdatyar said,” annually the income of the Narcotic drugs from Afghanistan is $68 billion where $200 million goes to drug dealer’s pockets.”

Mp Baktash Siawash said,” When both National Unity Government do not consider these serious issues that means there is no Government existed.”

The documentary of Ariana News has also indicated that drug sellers are dealing drugs with no fears even two hundreds meter away from the residential areas of CEO Abdullah Abdullah in the capital city of Kabul.

Reported By Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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