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Drug Distributors Kill Kabul Resident

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2019)

The armed drug distributors shot a resident of Qala-e-Ali Mardan area in PD1 of Kabul city during a verbal contention two days before the Eid-ul-Adha.

The victim’s family members say that Naqebullah was killed in front of his father and two children’s eyes after he asked the drug distributors to leave the area close to his house.  

Naqebullah had two children and a wife. 

“No one can come outside of their house because of the armed drug distributors,” said Lina, the victim’s wife.

“They [the drug distributors] shot my father from his behind,” said the daughter of the victim.

The brother and father of the victim say that the irresponsible gunmen have killed many people in the area so far though the National Directory of Security agency is located close to the area.

The government does not have the ability to arrest the gunmen, they add.

“My son told them [the drug distributors to leave the area. They replied to him, ‘what can you do if we don’t’. After my son turned, they shot seven bullets,” said Mohammad Ehsan, father of the victim.

“The crimes which take place here are not followed. Even the government employees are being beaten by them [drug distributors],” said Samiullah, brother of the victim.

Meanwhile, the officials in the Kabul Police say that they have arrested one person in connection with the incident.

“We have arrested one person and other people who are suspected are wanted,” said Ferdous Faramarz, the Spokesperson to the Kabul Police.

This comes as the security situation in Kabul has arisen concerns for its resident; armed robberies even during the days are simple of the many forms of insecurity in addition to suicide attacks and bombing.   

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