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Drone Strikes Destroy Taliban Huge Drug Lab in Western Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: February 17, 2018)

A huge drug lab of the Taliban militant group was completely destroyed and eight smugglers who were also the group’s military commanders killed in drone strikes carried out by the coalition forces in the western Farah province.

Fazl Ahmad Sherzad, the provincial police chief confirming the strike noted that a huge amount of drug and narcotics had been stored in the lab.

He also cited Gen. Nicholson, Commander of Resolute Support mission, as saying that “since then, their forces will start to fight against the Taliban militants through air and ground.”

“Taliban suffered heavy casualties during offensives conducted by Afghan security forces on several bases of the Taliban in Khak-e-Safid, Pusht-e-Road, and Anar Dara districts of the province since last Thursday Night”, the provincial official added.

As the situation is worsening in Farah province, Afghan forces and their foreign partners have been intensifying the aid and ground campaign against Taliban militants in the area.

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