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Dozens Stage Rally in Support of Mohmand after His Torture Involving Atta Noor

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2017)

Dozens of the people in Kabul on Thursday staged rally in support of Balkh provincial council member, Asif Mohmand who accused Governor Atta Mohammad Noor of torture. 

Demonstrators urged government and the international community to pursue the torture case of Asif Mohmand involving the governor of Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor.

Condemning the assault on Mohmand, the demonstrators stressed that the government officials should not be allowed to forcefully act on the people by misusing their given authority.  

“The assault on Mr. Asif Mohmand is a brutal act. We condemn this act in the strongest terms,” said a tribal elder, Sayed Hussain Khaliqi.

“We will not allow the government officials to misuse authority and act against the people because of their inappropriate demands,” another tribal elder, Ashmatullah Arshad said.

Asif Mohmand said that has been innocent in the case, and his motive behind his stand against Balkh Governor was to “bring justice” and address “the corruption and land grabbing” cases involving Atta Mohammad Noor.  

The Provincial Governor’s Spokesman, Munir Farhad, however, rejected claims made by Mohmand and said: “We are waiting for the probe commission’s decision in this regard.”

The protest comes about two weeks after, the Provincial Council Member, Asif Mohmand was arrested from Mazar-i-Sharif airport. He was released after two days in custody in northern Balkh province.

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