Donors will stop aids if 500 Mg electricity project misdirected

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Water and Energy have stated that Donors will stop giving financial aids for the 500 mega watt electricity project if the following project is misdirected prior to draft plan 12 southern provinces of Afghanistan cant have access to electricity.

Officials in Ministry of water and energy declared that if the following project is implemented through Bamyan, Wardak and to Kabul it should pass 296,3 kilo meters but if the following project is implemented according to the plan by Salang pass it will only take 216,5 kilo meters.

Deputy Minister of water and energy Amanullah Ghalib said,” Afghan Government is committed to ensure power for Bamyan through Pustan surkh area, he also warned if the following project doesn’t implement by Salang Pass Donors will stop its financial aids.”

Converting the 500 mega watt electricity project into a political shape has caused England, Denmark to hands off from supporting.

Afghan political expert Ahmad Saiedi said,” if the Government doesn’t balance the justice that will indicate that enemies will be benefited from the situation.”

Based on the agreement made in between Afghanistan-Turkmenistan if Afghanistan doesn’t make ready the power cables by 2018 it should pay the fines and will be deprived from having electricity.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad saleh

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