Donors to halt financial supports on TA electricity project

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2016)


Lower house of the parliament has summoned the deputy of the Minister of Water and Energy to provide more details over the TA project which has recently provoked major disagreements among residents of some of the provinces in Afghanistan under the name of TUTAP electricity project.

Deputy Minister of Water and Energy Amanullah Ghalib declared different major problems are stance against the following National power project, over costing of the project, 28 months delays, and deadline of the Donors will make Afghanistan officials to finalize the following project as soon as possible.”

He also mentioned that Afghanistan Government is committed to ensure electricity for Bamyan residents till 2018.

“Different issues have halted Afghan Government not to implement the Turkmenistan- Afghanistan( TA) electricity project through central provinces, over costing of the project, 28 months of delays,$35 million new power cables should be bought for 80 kilo meters, and the deadline of the donors if we don’t finalize the draft of the project donors will cut their financial aids Deputy Minister of Water and Energy Mr. Ghalib said,”

Meanwhile head of the Afghanistan power department Mirwais Alemi said,” efforts are underway to ensure electricity for Bamyan Province by coming 2018, if we don’t finalize the plan for electricity coming from Turkmenistan we will have to pay $ 50 million damages because the electricity coming from Turkmenistan is much cheaper than Uzbekistan.”

Mp Urfanullah Urfan said,” TA is known as TUTAP among Afghan officials and Nation has taken political shape in it, all Afghans should be convinced, and officials in Ministry of Water and energy and Afghanistan electricity department should do this.”

Officials in Ministry Water and Energy have mentioned that the following electricity project is named TA where cheaper electricity is ensured by Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, but officials and Afghan Nation has mistakenly repeated the word for TUTAP, TUTAP has been drafted and agreement was also signed in between the Turkmenistan, Uzbeckistan,Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan several years ago which it practical work yet to begin.

Reported by Rafi Sediqee


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