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Donor Countries Endorse MoI 4-Year Strategic Plan

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)

The Afghan Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) on Sunday announced its four-year strategic plan for the police reforms.

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who was speaking at the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) in Kabul, emphasized that Afghan National Police (ANP) must not be involved in politics and should stay neutral.

“The government is committed for bringing reforms and making the system transparent. Police must stay neutral, especially in elections which is a national process,” Abdullah said.

Interior Minister, Wais Ahmad Barmak, claimed that the new strategic plan will solve a lot of challenges when it is implemented.

“The new four-year strategic plan is designed in a way that reflects people’s demands,” Minister Barmak described. “The reform process will be implemented in a better way which will lead us to police development and reforms.”

Meanwhile, ambassadors of foreign countries in Kabul endorsed the MoIA new strategic plan.

Pierre Mayaudon, the European Union Head of Delegation to Afghanistan announced the EU support for the MoI new strategic plan, adding that brining reforms in Afghan police will resolve a lot of challenges in the country.

“On behalf of the international community, I recognize the efforts of minister Barmak and the ministry of the interior,” said Francois Rivest, the Ambassador of Canada to Afghanistan at the meeting. “These plans will address issues such as improving the leadership through merit-based recruitment, promotion, strengthening and enhancing transparency, combating corruption and increasing women representation in the MoI.”

The MoI leadership also stressed that in addition to the law enforcement, the Afghan police is combating the terrorists right now and therefore people support is required to ensure security in the country.

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