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Donald Trump Rejects Peace Talks with Taliban

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2018)

The U.S. president Donald Trump has recently reacted against latest Taliban attacks in Kabul and rejected holding peace talks with the militant group.

“I don’t see any talking taking place, I don’t think we are prepared to talk right now. It’s a whole different fight over there, they are killing people left and right, innocent people have been killed left and right. They are bombing in the middle of children, bombing in the middle of families”, he said to reporters in the White House.

“We are going to finish what we have to finish. What nobody has been able to finish we will be able to do that,” he added. 

The U.S. President who was hosting the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) members said that they will discuss on how to defeat the Taliban.

Following the Trump’s remarks, the Afghan government said that it had encouraged the Taliban to talk. But now “the Taliban crossed a red line and lost the chance for peace,” said President office Spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi. 

He added that the government would use its all resources to defeat the terrorist groups on the battlefield. 

This comes weeks after a delegation of UNSC visited Kabul, where U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Halley described their visit as great and said the Afghan government was close to talks with the Taliban than ever before.

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