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Document Reveals Parliamentary Commission Recommended Doubling of MPs’ Salary

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2018)

Ariananews finds document that reveals the Lower House Impunity and Privileges Commission has recommended a steep hike in the allowances of Parliament Members.

The Commission has sought doubling the allowances of MPs which includes credit cards, fuel, rent of house and payment of MPs assistants, drivers and guards.

The recommended written by the parliamentary commission calls for 10,000 AFN for top-up credit, 20,000 for fuel, 50,000 for house rent, 2,500 AFN increase in payment for MPs assistants, drivers, guards and up to 25,000 AFN for employees of Lower House secretariat.

However, the Parliament Members expressed ignorance about this issue and noted they do not want an increase in their allowances.

“We are not aware of this document and we do not want to do so,” said Muhammad Nazir Ahmad Zai, second deputy speaker of Parliament.

The recommended written has been signed by the deputy of parliamentary commission, Sharifullah Kama Wal.

Ariananews reporter tried to contact Mr. Kama Wal for many times, but he refused to respond.

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