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Disqualified Candidates Protest Breaks Out for Second Day in Kabul

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2018)

Protest erupted in Kabul for the second day in a row on Tuesday against the Independent Electoral Complaint Commission (IECC) after it removed the names of 35 candidates from the list over allegations of them having links with illegal armed groups.

The demonstrators warned to continue protest until the electoral bodies make the reason of their disqualification clear as claiming they have not been told the reason behind their disqualification.

“It is not fair! We are gathered that the government and election commission hear our voices,” Zadran, one of the disqualified candidates said.

Another disqualified candidate, Gholam Haidar Jailani added, “We have civil options to use them for reaching our goals and justice.”

However, the IECC says the commission has taken the decision based on the constitution and is not changeable.

“The decisions have been finalized and their protest would have no result,” Ali Reza Rohani, the secretary of IECC asserted.

In the meantime, the UNAMA has welcomed the recent electoral developments in Afghanistan, particularly the decision about the parliamentary candidates.

The electoral observing and monitoring institutions also stressed that the reason behind disqualification of candidates should be shared with observers and media outlets.

“We have not been in the decision makings and the candidates still do not know the reason of their disqualification,” Yousuf Rashid, CEO of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan FEFA said.

IECC removed 35 names from their final list of parliamentary election candidates on Saturday as the candidates claim that they were not given the opportunity to lodge an appeal against the decision by the commission.

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