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Discussions Underway to Extend Funding for Afghan Forces Beyond 2020: NATO Chief

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2018)

NATO is discussing ways to extend funding for the Afghan forces beyond 2020, the alliance Secretary General said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference, the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that around 3,000 more trainers have been sent to Afghanistan in the past few months, and that discussions are underway to extend funding for the Afghan forces beyond 2020.

“We will close the Ministerial with a meeting on Afghanistan, together with our Resolute Support partners. Allies and partners are stepping up – with both forces and funding. We have added around 3,000 more trainers to our mission. And we are discussing how to extend funding for the Afghan forces beyond 2020,” he said.

Stoltenberg retreated that NATO will continue to support the Afghan forces so the Taliban insurgent group understand they will not win militarily.

“The reason that NATO continues to support Afghan forces is that we have to be able to convince Taliban that they will not win on the battlefield.  Taliban has understood that they will obtain more through a negotiated peace condition than war,” he added.

The alliance chief also called on the Afghan government to step up its anti-corruption efforts, hold transparent elections and implement its reform plans as committed to the international community.

Praising the Afghan forces for their performance, Stoltenberg concluded: “we must continue to assist them; to support President Ghani’s bold initiative for peace; and to encourage continued reforms to fight corruption and uphold human rights.”

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