Disagreements caused Kunduz to Fall into Taliban Hands: Mps

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2015)


Members of the lower house of the parliament have declared that Kunduz city has fallen into Taliban’s hands due to some disagreements of the two commanders.

They have stated that both parties of Jamyat Islami and Hezbi Islami have disagreed on issues therefore Taliban have come to Kunduz for some days.

National Unity Government has determined a delegation to review the facts of Kunduz falling into Taliban hands.

Presidential palace has determined two persons former NDS Chief Amrullah Saleh and ex Minister of Education Farooq Wardak,as the members of a group to launch investigation on Kunduz issues.

Afghan law maker Ahmad Shah Ramazan said,” President had no other alternatives therefore he has selected two persons to investigate Kunduz issues, Kunduz issue provoked among the two tribes of Pashtun-Tajik.”

President deputy spokesman Zafar Hashimi said,” the following Afghan delegation has been determined to investigate Kunduz fall,and provide much details which side has provided more supports that Kunduz to fall into Taliban Hands.”

Meanwhile some of the lower house of the parliament members have criticized the Government for not pursuing the Kunduz issue seriously.

Mp Saleh Mohammad Saleh said,” it’s a shame for the Government in 11 days could do nothing to do with Kunduz issue, we are sure the following two members of a group can do nothing for Kunduz.”

Time will clear if the following determined and dedicated group to do something for Kunduz.

Reported by Farah Naz Forotan

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