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Direct Talks delayed for 15th March:HPC

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2016)


Officials in High peace council have stated that the first direct peace talks which was to be held incoming three days in between the Afghan officials and Taliban, were delayed for 15th of March 2016, saying both side should agree on ceasefire first.

Afghanistan security council members have demanded Pakistan to present the most influential faces of Taliban to join direct peace talks process.

Direct peace talks process was supposed to be held incoming three days in Islamabad in between Afghan officials and Taliban but it was delayed for unknown date,HPC members insisted that in the direct talks both parties should agree on ceasefire.

HPC member Shafiullah Nuristani said,” this is more important to agree on ceasefire and also begin the direct talks with no preconditions.”

Meanwhile US special envoy for Afghanistan- Pakistan during a visit with Afghanistan National security adviser has mentioned that efforts for bringing Taliban into a direct peace talks will provide a positive results.

Afghanistan National security adviser Anif Atmar has urged that we will not reconcile with those Taliban who continue killing of Afghans, it’s to Pakistan to launch efforts for bringing influential Taliban figures into direct peace talk’s process.

Afghan political expert Ahmad Saiedi said,” We should not promise for Afghan Nation what we can’t do it, if Taliban do join the direct talks, war in Afghanistan will not end.”

According to Pakistani officials Taliban leaders along with their families were living in Pakistan and benefiting health services, if they don’t attend the direct talks they will be expelled from Pakistan.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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