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Differences solved between NUG leaders: Presidential Citadel

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2015)


President’s spokesman, Ajmal Abedi has said that different visions of between the leaders of National Unity Government (NUG) is an ordinary issue and is not concerning.

Differences mostly caused about the appointment of some figures in government positions indicate the extreme differences between White House and Afghanistan presidential citadel.

President’s spokesman in reaction to irresponsible statements of some individuals who claimed the country would plunge into crisis if differences among leaders of unity government were not bridged said now is not the time for campaign.

“The differences are not much concerning which now solved. We demand institutions to not release irresponsible statements.” Abedi said.

Ahmad Zaki, head of The Civil Movement of Social Justice (CMSJ) yesterday in a meeting held in Kabul said recent statements by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Abdullah Abdulalh about his concerns about the government were earlier realized by the people.

Earlier, CEO, Abdullah Abdullah in a conference about human rights said, “The government’s efforts about human rights done in the past few months were not enough. We have already missed opportunities in this regard.” He added, “The CEO position is not an imaginary, ceremonial or a gift by someone; the position has its full authorities.”

Previously, Afghan political analysts were said to consider the extreme differences between the two leaders of government caused people to not be satisfied with government’s performance, adding NUG will disrupt if the situation and same differences continue.

They warned that the continuation of the current situation will damages the integrity of the country and the leaders of national unity government.

But in public, Ghani and Abdullah repeatedly talk confidently about the future of the new Afghan government and its ability to improve lives in the war-ravaged country.



Reported by Nasrat Parsa


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