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Differences grow over National Unity Government

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2015)

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Months after President Ashraf Ghani was sworn in, Afghanistan is still struggling to form a government, damaging the economy and miring the country in uncertainty as the Taliban insurgency continues.

Afghan political analysts are said to consider the extreme differences between the two leaders of government caused people to not be satisfied with government’s performance, adding NUG will disrupt if the situation and same differences continue.

Political analysts believe that the national unity government was not formed based on law, so that disagreements become more with each day passing.

M.P.s turned down all but eight of Ghani’s 25 picks for a range of reasons—from dual-citizenship to problems with educational documents and at least one nominee whose name was found to be on an Interpol wanted list.

It means Afghanistan must get by for nearly months with no permanent minister in several key posts, including defense.

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Afghanistan faces an array of daunting problems, including a fierce and resilient Taliban insurgency, widespread corruption, poverty and growing unemployment among the country’s 30 million population, most of whom are young. The economy suffered during the months of deadlock that followed last year’s disputed presidential election.


Following the differences and disagreements, the chief of executive officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah said that the executive office is not a ceremonial post of a gift; the position has its full authorities.

According to finance ministry data, income in 2014 fell short of predictions by around 25 percent because the disruption caused by the lengthy election process reduced trade and investment.

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Analysts fear that without permanent ministers, there may be delays to international aid and development payments—on which the Afghan economy is heavily dependent.

They warned that the continuation of the current situation will damages the integrity of the country and the leaders of national unity government.

In public, Ghani and Abdullah repeatedly talk confidently about the future of the new Afghan government and its ability to improve lives in the war-ravaged country.

However, Afghanistan presidency and the executive office are said to consider these differences an ordinary issue in governing affairs.


Reported by Hamid Sidiqi


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