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Development is Key, Foundation for Security in Afghanistan: Chinese Envoy

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2017 8:38 pm)

343453455545Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan, Yao Jing says development is key, base and foundation for security in Afghanistan.

In an interview with Ariana News the Chinese envoy said that security will come to Afghanistan when people work for the betterment of their life by engaging in trade and business.   

“Peace and security is very important, we have different perception, always we believe when people working for a better life and a better society usually development is the key, the bases and the foundation for security,”

“We believe that if the economy improved and the society be busy in trade, business, construction and in such things the security could be secured,” Yao Jing said.

He said China wants to contribute in development of Afghan economy by trade, people-to-people contacts and by offering facilities so Afghanistan get engaged in development scheme and that is to work together for common prosperity of the region that benefits both countries.

In other part of his speech, Ambassador Jing said that  Afghanistan plays an important role as far as “One Belt, One Road” initiative is concerned.  

“Some people thing Afghanistan is not included in the scope but I should say that this initiative is nothing to do with geographical scope. When China moves to the west, Afghanistan is the first neighbor that we are in contact with, so we take Afghanistan as major partner.”

According to Jing, when President Ashraf Ghani visited on October 2014, he was the first among the international leaders who recognized and supported the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, followed by chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who visited the country last year where he signed MoU of cooperation under this initiative.

So far more than sixty countries have signed MoU with China including Afghanistan for “Belt and Road” initiative as part of a conception of regional cooperation, common development and the prosperity.

He said that China and Afghanistan is under discussion for empower of five nations railway line, from China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Iran and further toward Europe.

The Chinese official further added his country is also in talk with Afghan government regarding the fiber-optic, crossing through Wakhan corridor and the governments of the two countries have signed an agreement on starting the construction of this project.

He concluded the direct flights from Kabul to China resumed as part of the cooperation and the passenger of the flights are mostly businessmen that using air cargo service  for some commodities like Saffron that takes lot of exports from Afghanistan to China.

By Shakib Mahmud 

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