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Dermalog to Deliver Cleaned Up Data Tonight: IEC

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2019)

The deduplication process of votes in the Independent Election Commission’s main data center will be finished by German Dermalog Company late on Tuesday, an official said.

Once the deduplication ended, the IEC will recount votes of those polling stations where paper result-sheets are different from biometric data.

The recount process will happen in the IEC provincial centers where new result sheets will be drawn and will be sent to IEC national tally center in Kabul.

Nearly 120 staff members of the IEC have gained trainings about vote recounting process.

On the other hand, Younus Nawandish a member of Abdullah’s Stability and Partnership campaign expressed his concerns regarding the vote-counting process in the provinces.

“Those who were involved in the electoral frauds must not be part of the recounting team. Their jobs must be suspended,” Nawandish said.

Yousuf Rashid, the Head of a Kabul-based election monitoring organization emphasized that if there are proves against individuals who were involved in electoral crimes, those people should not be part of recounting teams.

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