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Delegation Assigned to Review Dostum-Ishchi Case: Rasouli

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2016)

6Officials at Attorney General Office of Afghanistan have stated a delegation was assigned to review the First Vice President Gen, Abdul Rashid Dostum sexual attempt over Ahmad Ishchi the Uzbek tribal leader, amid National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan Spokesman Basher Ahmad Tainj declared a political conspiracy against his leader.

Meanwhile a number of lawyers declared that the attorney General office is having the authority to launch investigation over the case, in case the Gen, doesn’t become present, the research process could possibly completed.

The National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan Spokesman Basher Ahmad Tainj said, “ it’s totally an accusation against Gen, Dostum, our leader did not commit any action, it’s all a political conspiracy, the first Vice president Gen, Dostum doesn’t have respond to any research, or investigation to prosecutors.”

Meanwhile officials at attorney General office urged that a delegation was assigned to review the case.

Attorney General Spokesman Jamshid Rasouli said ,” A delegation was assigned to do research, we are responsible to share the outcomes of our research and investigation with the Afghan people.”

A question raises that who can launch investigation over 4 Star General?

Deputy of the Lawyer Union Abdul Subhan Musbah said, “Law permits the prosecutors to trial the case of any accused or criminal individuals in the country, in case the criminal doesn’t attend the trail, the court will judge and share its results.”

This is the first time that a 4 star General is accused for doing sexual assault in Afghanistan; time will declare that how the trail is going take place.

Reported by: Ali Asghari




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