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Defense Ministry Says Special Forces Not Involved in Qaisari’s Detention

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2018)

The Defense Ministry says militia commander Nizamuddin Qaisari has been arrested by the military council in Faryab province, insisting that the Special Forces have not been involved in the operation.

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday in Kabul, the Defense Ministry deputy spokesman Mohammad Radmanish stressed that Qaisari was moved to Kabul with an aircraft of the Defense ministry.

“Qaisari has been arrested by a military council based in Faryab province. He has only been transferred to Kabul with an aircraft which belongs to the Defense Ministry,” Radmanish said.

However,  Baber Farahmand, the head of First Vice President Gen. Dostum’s office rejected the remarks of Defense ministry’s deputy spokesman, saying the 209th Shaheen Corps has come up first to announce Qaisari’s detention which according to him shows involvement of the military forces in the incident.

This comes as Dostum’s supporters continue staging protest across the country, calling for the release of commander Qaisari and return of the first vice president to Afghanistan.

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