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Defense Ministry ‘Doubles’ Overnight Operations Against Taliban, IS Leaders

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2018)

The Defense Ministry says it has doubled the number of overnight military operations against the commanders of the militant groups including Taliban and Islamic State across the country.

Since last month, as many as 27 key commanders of the Taliban and nine senior leaders of IS have been killed following the overnight operations of Afghan military forces in different parts of the country, the Defense Ministry Deputy Spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said.

According to the official, 24 insurgents affiliated to Lashkar-e-Taiba and other group have also been killed since last month. 

“The operations being conducted as a way to target commanders of Daesh and Taliban and reduce civilian casualties,” he said.

Some Afghan military analysts said that the overnight operation would be effective if it was being conducted accurately on the militants hideouts.

“Having accurate information is very important. Lack of this will put lives of the military forces in danger and cause casualties to civilians, ” said military analyst Atiqullah Amarkhil.

The Defense Ministry, however, said that they call for support of NATO troops when enemies are in a strong position. 

Some military analysts, meanwhile, believe that despite of increasing pressures on the Taliban, the security situation has not improved in the country, adding that further efforts should be made to ensure peace and break  stalemate with the militant group.

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