Defense Minister Claims ‘He Never Falls Asleep’, Gets Testy With Callers When Say He Did

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2017)

2006_Abdullah_HabibiAmid all ongoing challenging problems in Afghanistan, the agenda for Parliament’s Sunday session was about the Kabul hospital attack and the story of defense minister’s allegedly sleep which has recently raised too much complaints.

Afghan parliament members have repeatedly accused the defense minister of neglecting in his duty, particularly the complex Kabul hospital attack incident which killed more than 50 people raised more concerns.

On March 08, insurgents dressed as doctors stormed Sardar Muhammad Dawood Khan hospital near the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital.

The lower house of parliament decided to summon security officials and ask them for clarification about the recent incidents.

In response to the allegations of the lawmakers regarding sleeping issue, the Afghan defense minister said, “I’ve never slept, even in school. I am not a random minister or general.”

The defense minister, Abdullah Habibi called the neglect and failure of discovery and intelligence organs and security officials of the hospital the main reasons for the occurrence of the bloody attack.

“Our investigation have completed, the discovery and intelligence organs have neglected,” Abdullah Habibi said.

Earlier, Afghan Senators and social media users have also criticized the defense minister for what they claim of falling asleep during the meetings and conferences, citing the minister has neglected in the hospital attack incident and should be blow up with a rocket.

“The defense minister always fall asleep. If we put him in a sack and take him to another country, he would not wake up. He made the security of the country challenging,” Homayoun Homayoun, the first deputy speaker of the upper house said.

Another Senator, Jomauddin Geyanwall has also claimed, “As he is always asleep, the defense minister should be executed by a rocket as the head of North Korea’s military.”

The head of North Korea’s military was publicly executed by anti-aircraft gun in 2015 for falling asleep during a meeting of the country’s president.

Senator Geyanwall noted that the defense minister had committed to recapture all areas under the control of Taliban in the previous winter, but failed to fulfill his commitments as he is always asleep.

Recently, one of the media outlets has also showed the issue of defense minister’s sleeping in a form of comedy that indicated the real facts of security officials.

Head of National Directorate of Security (NDS) who was also summoned in Parliament for clarification said that the Taliban group, Daesh and Lashkar-e Taiba have jointly carried out the attack on Sardar Muhammad Dawood Khan hospital.

“Taliban trained the attackers and made them ready, Lashkar-e Taiba provide the sources and Daesh organized the attack,” Masoum Istanikzai, head of NDS said.

Istanikzai has also said developments made in the investigation process of Kandahar attack; adding the militant group has worked on their plan for about one and a half year.

The withdrawal of international combat troops between 2011 and 2014 left a fragile security environment and a struggling national economy.

Since the disputed 2014 presidential election, friction between the two leaders of the “National Unity Government” has prevented the government from implementing widely supported reforms, notably against corruption and providing security.

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