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Defeating ISIS Top U.S. Priority in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017 9:57 pm)

2889746-840x420U.S forces defended the MOAB bombing on ISIS sanctuaries in Nangarhar province, citing, it was a right target with right weapon.

The forces’ spokesperson in a short conversation with Ariana News says, the people of Afghanistan, in particular, residents in nearby of the bombing scene welcome the attack due to extreme brutality of ISIS out there.

Capt. Salvin added. “We want to reassure the afghan people that the bombing with that weapon was a right target with a right weapon. The people of Afghanistan seized by ISIS there and they are happy of the bombing.” 

Capt. Salvin pointed out, “the bombing was one of the critical parts of that mission.  We have multiple things to do in the current fighting season. We have really focused on ISIS this year. Our goal is to destroy them in 2017. But, at the same time we are helping afghan security forces to fight against Taliban, and we hope the fight may come to an end and they come to reconciliation.”

In response to the question that, how the 2017 fighting season would look like, Capt. Salvin said, “it would be much more like 2016, only that Afghan forces have become more stronger.”

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