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Daudzai Calls on Taliban to Allow People to Participate in Peace Jirga

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

The Taliban group should not prevent people living under their controlled areas from taking part in the Consultative Peace Jirga, said Mohammad Umar Daudzai the Head of High Peace Council Secretariat on Saturday.

“We request the Taliban that they should not deprive people which are living in the districts under their control from taking part in the Jirga. They should let people in areas under their control to choose their representatives like other districts,” Daudzai said.

Umar Daudzai who is also leading a commission which is responsible for organizing the Peace Jirga said that representatives from different parts of the Afghan community will be invited.

Earlier, a member of the High Peace Council said that the Taliban representatives will be invited to participate at the Jirga as well.

“No Afghan should be deprived of taking part in the Loya Jirga, based on this principle the Taliban are also Afghans and they should not be deprived. How they will be invited is a political issue that will be decided in the future,” Daudzai added.

The Consultative Peace Jirga is scheduled for 29th of April in which at least two thousand people would participate. It would comprise of 23 sections to represent political parties, civil society, tribal elders, and member of the national council.

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