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Date Should be determined for Peace Talks with Taliban: Ghani

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2016)

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Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has insisted that date should be determined for peace talks with Taliban in order to see end their terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani once again urged that we will reconcile with those Taliban who are willing to,meanwhile Pakistan Prime Minister  Nawaz Sharif has committed to launch a military acts against those Taliban who are optimistic over continuation of violence in Afghanistan.

President Ghani said,” Time and date for negotiation Taliban should be determined, so we can see end of terrorist activities of the insurgents in the country, we should identify those Taliban who do not want to join Afghanistan peace process, they should also show their serious acts over joining of peace talks,we should be able to see end of terrorist activities in Afghanistan.”

US Vice President Joe has insisted on the continuation of monitoring the Afghanistan’s peace process with Taliban closely.

Mp Qudratullah Zaki has insisted on beginning of the peace talks process with Taliban because its the main desire of Afghan Nation to see their country peaceful.”

“the first condition with Taliban should be cease fire, Taliban have been divided into several groups, we will reconcile with those groups who are willing to join peace process  Mirza Mohmmad Yarmand military expert said.”

Afghan officials see the efforts from Pakistan as encourage for themselves on peace talks process, Taliban should accept three pre conditions, Afghanistan constitution,soverignty, and women rights.

Reported by Fawad Nasiri 

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