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Daesh Recruited Young Afghans through Social Media to Join Queue in Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2017)

DaishA number of young Afghans whom were arrested by the Afghan security forces confessed that Daesh militants recruited them through Facebook exaggerations to fight against Afghan forces in districts of Nangarhar province.

18 year old Zubair from Kunar province said, “I was using Facebook that Daesh militants encouraged and provoked me to join the queue to fight against Afghan security forces in Nangarhar I heard they are in Askamina district.”

Meanwhile Kabul resident Fazel Ahmad was also encouraged by his friends to join Daesh rank to fight Afghan security forces, amid 5 other detainees said there are Afghans and foreigner fighters among Daesh militants fighting against Afghan Government.

He said, “ I couldn’t attend school, then my friends invited me to join Daesh, gradually we came to Nangarhar and joined Daesh militancy to fight Afghan security forces.”

Afghan security forces have intensified assaults to target Daesh militants but Daesh militants use resident’s houses as safe places, in the main time lack of ammunition kept the Afghan security forces not to conquer areas only to maintain security for the front line with 20 soldiers.

Afghan National Army soldier at front line Faqirullah said, “We have made the whole in the wall to target Daesh militants hiding in the houses in front of us.”

“We have come to this point, Daesh militants cannot escape from the area.” ANA soldier Rouf said.

Earlier Afghan security forces have launched several military operations against Daesh militants in Nangarhar, but failed to maintain security for the areas came under the control.

Reported by: Fawad Nasiri

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