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DABS in Nangarhar Warns Powerful Figures to Pay Electricity Bills

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2016)

2Local officials in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) in Nangarhar province have warned the powerful figures to pay the electricity bills, saying we started campaign of to cutting  the electricity cables of those electricity users who did not pay the bills yet.

Chairman of the provincial of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat in Nangarhar Wahidullah Popalzai said, “We disseminated official letters to all electricity customers to pay the electricity bills, today we are here to cut off the electricity of those who have not paid the bills yet.”

The officials in Nangarhar Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat criticized those powerful figures that have not paid the electricity bills yet.

Based on the estimation of the following department the below people did not pay the electricity bills:

1-         Nanagarhar canal 705 million Afghani.

2-         Nanagarhar Municipality 63 million Afghani.

3-         Nanagarhar Governor palace 58 million Afghani.

4-         Nangarhar jail 40 million Afghani.

5-         Nanagarhar Public Hospital 23 million Afghani.

6-         Nangarhar Police headquarter 34 million Afghani.

7-         Nangarhar University 43 million Afghani.

8-         First deputy of the lower house Zaher Qadeer 16 million Afghani.

9-         Haji Hazrat Ali about 2 million Afghani.

Local officials at DABS in Nangarhar urged that this is not the final list of those who didn’t pay the electricity bills.

Deputy chairman of the DABS in Nangarhar Ehsanullah Shayan said, “ based on the management board decision we launched the cutting of electricity cables today, despite of sending several official letters to Shahyee Bagha responsible to pay 85 million Afghani the electricity, they still pretend to pay it.”

After cutting the electricity cables by the local officials in Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat in Nagarhar it’s said that the Governor head office has come to the DABS office after giving warnings and harsh words to the Nangarhar DABS staffs, they had the local officials to reconnect the electricity cables.

Chairman of the local Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat in Nangarhar Wahidullah Popalzai confirmed the unexpected behavior of the Governor Head office against his staffs.

Nangarhar Governor Spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said, “We support the DABS recently act over collecting of the electricity loans, saying the electricity will remain unconnected unless the electricity bills are not paid.”

Furthermore the local residents of Nangarhar supported the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat act saying we will stand against the powerful figures.

Edited by: Rahmatullah Muahid

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