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DAB to Launch New Policy to Save Afghan Currency from Going Old

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

3Officials in Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) said new policy will be launched to save the Afghan currency from going old, earlier they had announced that the Afghan currency which are used as notice piece or images drawn will be not valid after April 2017, amid money changers said the following announcement affected Afghan currency and it lost its values within the markets.

Shahzada money changer Union Spokesman Haji Zeerak said, “After the announcement made by the officials in the Da Afghanistan Bank the Afghan currency lost 50 cent its values in the markets.”

Meanwhile economy expert Taj Mohammad Talash said, “Collecting Afghan currency and announcement made are none standard act.”

Officials in Da Afghanistan Bank urged that the aim is to collect old, or the note banks which are used as piece or notice paper will be none valid after April 2017.

Da Afghanistan Bank Deputy Qasim Rahimi said, “We will announce those Afghan currencies which are used as piece of notice paper, inked or torn un valid after April 2017.”

Officials at Da Afghanistan Bank said annually 3 million Afghan currency are announced none valid, which it damages the economy of the country, and the new policy will help Afghan currency to stay stable for long time.


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