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Current Policy Won’t Win Afghan War: US Senior Gen.

(Last Updated On: December 8, 2016)

gen-jack-keane-1US top general says there is no path to victory in Afghanistan war with the current policy.

According to the US general Afghanistan would win victory when it changes its war policy, terrorist safe havens in Pakistan destroy and Afghan security forces fully equipped.

“Afghanistan cannot win the war with the current policy after 15 years. The security situation is deteriorating and the Afghan government is weakening. The terror safe havens are in Pakistan that should be destroyed. No insurgent groups have defeated with having havens outside the war area,” said General John M. Keane, Chairman of US Institute for the Study of War and Former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

Gen. Keane called Obama’s policy in Afghanistan questioning and urged for a great change in US war strategy in Afghanistan.

“The number of US ground forces to fight the insurgency in Afghanistan is very low. Obama’s policy was to end US mission in Afghanistan not to win victory in war. A new war strategy is needed with the commitment of destroying terrorist safe havens in Pakistan. Without US and Afghanistan efforts, we won’t win victory in war,” Gen. Keane added.

However, Gen. Keane is not alone in criticizing Obama’s policy toward Afghanistan, a US senior Senator also calls for a new war strategy in Afghanistan.

“The next president will make a decision to guarantee our victory in Afghanistan war,” said John McCainm, Chairman of US Senate Military Committee.

This comes as US President Barack Obama has admitted that his country cannot wipe out the Taliban militant group in Afghanistan, but can help the Afghans to stabilize their country.

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