Crimes on the rise; Forensic Medicine Directorate daily admitting up to 50 cases

(Last Updated On: January 31, 2020)

Doctors in the Forensic Medicine Directorate indicate that criminal activities have increased in Kabul compared to the last two months.

The doctors say that, due to the lack of experts in the directorate, forensic cases are not investigated properly.

Although the MoI has launched operations to reduce the graph of crimes in the capital, they seem ineffective.

The doctors in the FMD say that they investigate up to 50 cases on daily bases.

Parsma Ghiasi, a doctor in the FMD said, “The number of cases has been increasing simultaneously with the crimes in Kabul.”

Muzhgan Aazami, the acting manager in FMD, said that previously, for instance, the FMD would receive one corpse, a night, whereas now, up to 42 corpses have also been brought in.

Something else that worries the doctors is their physical safety due to the cases they investigate.

Sharifa Arif, another doctor said, “Not only in the premises but also on our way home, in the city and at home, we are not safe, because we always deal with criminals.”

The minister of health confirms the problems and says that the ‘budget’ is the main factor why the ministry of health cannot meet the needs.

Ferozuddin Feroz, the minister of public health said, “The number of employees is subject to the budget, and it is everyone’s problem, including the government. Around 75% of our public expenditures is provided by the IMF.”

It is worth mentioning that in order to investigate sophisticated crimes, a center of DNA examinations was inaugurated last week in the FMD for the first time, with a budget of 50 million AFN.

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