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Creators of Daesh Seeking to Relocate It to Afghanistan: Khamenei

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2018)

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Tuesday claimed that creators of Daesh (also known as Islamic State) are seeking to move IS fighters from Syria and Iraq to the war-torn Afghanistan.

“The very same hands that created Daesh to use it as an instrument for oppression and crime against the people of Syria and Iraq, now and after facing defeat in the regions, are seeking to relocate Daesh to Afghanistan,” reacting to the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul, Khamenei said.

In addition, Khamenei accused U.S. for having hand behind insecurities in Afghanistan where Washington has invested billions of dollars for state-building and fighting against terrorism.

He claimed that by doing so, Washington aims to legitimize its military presence in the region.

In the past, Russia and Iran have also been accused of covertly aiding the Taliban, the main insurgent group fighting the Afghan and U.S. forces in the country since 2001.

However, the new allegation comes at a time as the security situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan and concerns are raising over the emergence of proxy wars between powerful countries that will push the country deeper into turmoil.

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