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Covenants of citizen Program Officially inaugurated

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2016)

2Afghan officials during a gathering have inaugurated the replacement of the National Solidarity program called covenant’s of citizens officially, the current program will last for 10 years, and its implementable within 34 provinces of Afghanistan with costing of $ 1 billion.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani talked about the implementation of the program in insecure areas and insisted that each institution involved within the programs will be accountable for one penny allocated.

Covenants of citizen Program is good alternative and replacement for National solidarity program with $ 1 billion fund, it will be implemented within the 12 thousand villages of 34 provinces of Afghanistan incoming 10 years.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said,” The following program will be practiced without any discrimination, I assure it will be implemented even in unrest areas, from now onwards all our upcoming programs will be Nationwide.”

Further the President went on and insisted over the significant monitoring of the program and spending of its fund.

He said,” We can’t ensure transparency without monitoring; the biggest corruption is that we make poor people to borrow some money to access needed services.”

The General Director of World Bank Robert J Sam in Afghanistan urged that the following program will help poverty to be decrease and people can have access to good services.

He said,” World Bank board will discuss $ 100 million grants with Afghanistan officials next week the following program will decrease poverty and enable Afghans to access good services.”

Meanwhile Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah insisted over the close monitoring of the program .

He said,” the main objectives of the following program is to decrease poverty, unemployment, and empowering of women.”

Meanwhile Minister of Finance Iklil Hakimi said,” the importance of the program is to decrease poverty help displaced people, migrants and widows.”

“ covenant’s citizen program will pave the way for accessing health training services, improving of Agriculture and providing drinkable water Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development Naseer Ahamd Durani said,”

The covenant’s citizen program will provide jobs for 66190 Afghans, World Bank urged in the first phase will enable 8,5 million Afghans to access the basic services, and 3, 4 villagers will also be accessing drinkable water within the 12 thousand villages.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri


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