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Council of Candidates Emphasize on Invalidation of Non-Biometric Votes

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2019)

The council of presidential candidates on Monday warned that they will not accept the result of a fraudulent elections.

Presidential candidates Rahmatullah Nabil, Ahmad Wali Massoud, Shahab Hakimi, Faramarz Tamanna and Enayatullah Hafiz held a press conference in Kabul today.

These candidates warned President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah to stay neutral and do not interfere in the election affairs by using government resources.

“One of the teams that has committed electoral fraud by using government resources is trying to organize protests in some provinces for validating of non-biometric votes,” said Rahmatullah Nabil, a presidential candidate.

Ahmad Wali Massoud, another presidential candidate said that they will not let specific individuals to lead the country toward a crisis and his team will stand against fraudulent votes.

Some candidates further claimed that there are fraudulent biometric votes and the Head of IEC’s secretariat is feared to be working in favor of Ashraf Ghani’s electoral team.

Presidential candidate Faramarz Tamanna suggested that the head of IEC Secretariat, his deputies and all those involved in counting votes should be quarantined until the announcement of the election results.

“Widespread fraud took place on Election Day which needs to be considered. If the election commission failed to clear the fraudulent votes the election might be cancelled,” said Enayatullah Hafiz, one of the presidential candidates.

This comes as the electoral management authorities have repeated emphasized on invalidation of non-biometric votes cast in Afghanistan’s presidential elections took place on September 28.

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