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Corruption rocks judiciary Department of Afghanistan:TIW

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2016)


Transparent International Watch has published a report on Afghanistan’s judiciary department where corruption rocks within the offices.

In the report which has been released,the Government was demanded to establish an independent and powerful institution to review the corruption and to be free from political influences.

Transparent International Watch has marked the below departments as independent one where they should be free from political influence and corruption, Judiciary, Executive, Legislative departments, public sector, Election institutions management, Supreme administrative audit, counter corruption department, political and civil society parties, few members of media and Trades.

Regional Director for Asia Pacific at Transparency International Srirak Plipat said: “President Ghani has pledged to uproot corruption – this report gives him a road map for action,Afghanistan urgently needs strong and independent institutions, free from political influence, with genuine capacity to prevent and prosecute corruption.”

 Information indicated that experience from post-conflict countries around the world shows that wide spread corruption undermines the authority of the state and its institutions and provides fertile ground for criminal networks to develop and insurgents to operate.

Corruption also deprives the poor and vulnerable of essential services and limits their access to justice.

 Meanwhile UNDP in Kabul has admired Afghan Government efforts launching fights against corruption, saying we provide more supports for Afghan Government on tackling corruption.

 UNDP senior Deputy Jocelyn Mason said,” the following report is an effective tool to be used combating corruption, law breaking, UNDP and International community will stay along side of Afghan Government.”

 “Afghan Government is committed to fight against corruption, individual efforts will end up a great victory head of the political and social relationship in Government administrative affairs MiaGul Waseeq said,”

Reported by Rafi Sedqee


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