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Corruption Exceeds Beyond the expectation in Sabzi Market of Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2015)


The special investigative report made by Ariana News disclosed that huge corruption dealt while signing the contract over Sabzi market in Nangarhar Province.

Nanagarhar provincial council secretary  Ajmal Omar  stated that the following market values 20 million Afghani has been given to an Afghan businessman in 600,000 Afghani.

They have added proper documents indicating frauds and corruptions have been given to President of Afghanistan but yet to see significant acts from his side.

Number fruit sellers have said,” several contractors have established a union led by the Gul Murad and no one is allowed to determine the price of fruits in the markets without his permission this has caused that the price of fruits to hike.”

Acting mayor in Nangarhar province Hakimuddin said,” our staffs have gone to review the situation but they were not allowed by the contractors union in the market.”

Head of the income department of municipality Jahan zib khan said,” the contractors in the market has not paid the taxation for the past four years.”

Acting Mayor of the city Hakimuddin added that we are capable to collect one 25% taxations from the shops, and the rest goes to Mafia pockets.”

It has been two weeks by now to get hold of the Sabzi Market leader Gul Murad but hasn’t been capable.



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