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Construction Works of “Kama” Dam to Be Started This Year

(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

dam989879The Ministry of Water and Energy Officials said the construction works of “Kama” dam in Kunar river will be started in the current year, probability studies and design of the project has been already finished.

One of the greatest challenges along the way of the Kunar river is neighboring counties involvement.

“Some of specific terroristic groups designated by neighboring country’s intelligence service to prevent implementation of the project.” Waheed Kalimzai, spokesperson for Kuner governor said.

By the completion of the project, a roughly 45 mega watt power will be generated of the plant.

The ministry of energy and water aims to build another power plant somewhere in Sagia area of the province that would have a 100 mega watt power generating capacity.

Afghanistan currently imports 70 percent of its required power from outside sources.

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