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Concerns Intensify Over Increase of Civilians’ Causalities

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

The concerns intensify over the increase of civilians’ causalities from the Taliban, Afghan security forces and NATO’s operations.

Recently, the residents of ‘Kamal Kheel’ area in Logar province protested for what is called the civilians’ causalities as a result of an operation against the Taliban.

They say that in addition to some of the Taliban members, 5 civilians killed and 11 others including the children wounded after the special forces conducted an operation in the ‘Kamal Kheel’ area of ‘Pule Alam’ city.

“Even young children are among the victims. This is not the first time; it has been repeated several times,” said Khalid Mohmand, an MP from Logar province.

“A bomb was dropped on the mosque where only a few Taliban members and more civilians killed,” said Abdubaqi Rasheed, a resident of the area.

Recently, the Afghan military has strengthened their airstrikes for what is called targeting the Taliban’s shelters but the Ministry of Defense confirms that rarely the civilians incur losses as the result of these operations.  

“We increase our efforts based on the plan of  Khalid’s operation to lessen the civilians’ casualties into zero,” said Fawad Aman, the Deputy Speaker of the Defense Ministry.

Meanwhile, the statistics show that 600 civilians have been killed as the result of the war over the past three months.

However, the government and the Taliban blame each other for the growth of civilians’ causalities.

At the same time, the Doha intra-Afghan summit participants who had stressed on reducing of the civilians’ causalities warn of the horrible result of the war exacerbation.   

“The idea of imposing military pressure is not right. The strategy of intensifying the war should be put aside while the political opportunity has been provided for solving the Afghan war,” said Salaam Zaief, a participant of the Doha intra-Afghan summit.

This comes as the civilians’ causalities have increased across the country in recent months.

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