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Concerns in rise on Kandahar- Kabul highway condition :MoPI

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2016)



Officials in Ministry of Public interests have expressed their concerns over the worsening condition of the Kandahar-Kabul high way, saying there is no budget allocated for the repairing of the roads.

Meanwhile experts have declared different reasons for the worsening condition of the Kandahar- Kabul Highway, overloading of the beast trucks, road mines, no maintenances.

Kandahar- Kabul highway is one of the most important business routes for Afghanistan, due to different factors about 492 kilo meters of the following highway is being destructed, it was built on 2004 by the cooperation of USA-Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Ministry of Public interests Spokesman Mahdi Rohani said,” We are concerned over the worsening condition of the Kandahar-Kabul highway, efforts are underway to repair the roads, $ 26 million dollar has been allocated on reconstruction of the following roads, when we access that the practical work will begin.”

Experts accused officials in Ministry of Public interests on poor monitoring of the asphalts.

Economy expert Shabeer Basheer said,” Roads are the National investments of the country, officials in Ministry of public interests should immediately take action on its reconstruction.”

Passengers who are using those routes are complaining from the ruined roads.

One of the passengers said,” Overloaded trucks have caused the roads to be destructed.”

From Kandahar to Kabul there are 260 bridges built where they were destroyed by the Taliban but reconstructed.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab 

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