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Committee Lodges Complaint to AGO on Afghan-Turk School Raid Case

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2017)

The Afghan-Turk Students’ Parents Committee on Saturday submitted its complaint to the Attorney General Office over the “illegal” action of the security forces against the school in Kabul.

The parents of students who were gathered at the Attorney General’s Office, urged investigation into the security forces’ raid on Afghan-Turk Girls school in Kabul. 

“We came here to submit our [complaint] letter, so the institutions which have taken this illegal action, get investigated,” said Yusuf Pashtun, Head of the Afghan-Turk Students’ Parents Committee.

On Tuesday, last week,  four teachers of Afghan-Turk schools, three Turkish and one Afghan national were detained by the security forces when their vehicle en route to school was stopped by the Afghan intelligence operatives.  Later in the evening, the security forces raided an Afghan-Turk female school in Kabul.

“It will be a national treason, If the teachers were not released and were handed over the Turkish government,” said Fazl Ahmad Manawi, a member of the parents’ committee.

However, the Attorney General’s Office is expected to launch its investigations on the issue. “The Attorney General’s Office pledged us to comprehensively probe the case and will take actions base on the rule of law and will discuss the issue with the president,” said Abdul Shukur Dadras.

This comes as it has been said that the Afghan leadership has signed no extradition agreement with Turkish government to hand over the individuals.

‌By Shakib Mahmud and Samira Zafari

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