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Committee Formed to Solve Dispute Over Parliament Speaker

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2019)

Tensions continued in the Lower House of Parliament on Sunday as lawmakers divided over accepting Mir Rahman Rahmani as the new Parliament Speaker.

On Saturday, Rahmani was announced as the new parliament speaker after a voting session in which MP Rahmani and MP Kamal Naser Osuli contested.

Mr. Rahmani secured 123 votes while Mr. Osuli got 55 votes out of 244 votes cast.

Osul’s fraction claimed that 123 votes cannot be fifty percent plus one vote of the 247 House constituency, but Mr. Rahmani’s supporters said that the house constituency is 244 and 123 votes are the majority.

On Sunday, footage released that a group of female lawmakers occupying the speaker’s seat did not allow Mr. Rahmani to sit in the office.

The female lawmakers called for an interim speaker and re-election for the position but Mr. Rahmani supporters insist that he is the legitimate speaker of the house.

Later on, a committee of 15 lawmakers was formed from both sides to solve the issue and announce their decision to the lawmakers.

Khan Agha Rezaee, Ajmal Rahmani, Mirdad Nijrabi, Naheed Farid, and Humayoun Harirod are the five members of the committee from Rahmani’s side while Khan Mohammad Wardak, Javid Safi, Sayed Ahmad Khadim, Razia Mangal and Abdul Rasheed Azizi are from Osuli’s side.

In addition, five MPs, including Abdul Qayoum Sajadi, Erfanullah Erfan, Fraidoon Mohmand, Sediq Ahmad Osmani, and Mohammadullah Batash, are the impartial members of the committee.

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