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CoCI calls on government to have exact economic plan

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2015)

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Officials in Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CoCI) said that more than a thousand factories blocked in different parts of the country in the recent years.

Chairman of the international relations of Chamber of Commerce and industry, Azrakhsh Hafezi is said to consider the reason for factories stopped activities the increase of insecurity, lack of electricity and lack of government’s support for the private sector.

Azrakhsh declared that more than three thousand factories are activating in several provinces of the country but nearly 1100 factories deactivated in the recent years.

“The government should have an exact economic plan to ascertain the underlying economic lines.” Hafize noted.

In the meantime, some of Afghan traders have different views regarding the issue.

They said the private sector of the country had a remarkable growth in the recent years but lack of government’s support caused the domestic products collapsed.

Chairman of the Board of entrepreneurs of Afghanistan, Rahmuddin Haji Aqa said, “I confirm the lack electricity in factories, existence of corruption, and lack of government’s support to factories. But I cannot say anything to the figure Azrakhsh Hafize presented.”

However, officials in ministry of commerce is said to consider chamber of commerce findings are Hafize’s personal views.

This comes as President Ghani in his national unity government promised to find solutions for wiping out economic challenges, but four months passed still investors have their problems.


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