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Coalition for Salvation of Afghanistan Harshly Reacts to 2nd Vice-President Remarks

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2017)

Spokesman of the “Coalition for Salvation of Afghanistan”, Bashir Ahmad Tayenj says naming the coalition as ‘coup’ is not logical.

Tayenj in reaction to the recent statements of the second vice president said the new coalition never thinks of government’s collapse but it wants to break monopoly of power in Presidential Palace-ARG.

The second vice president, Sarwar Danish has recently warned that no one inside the government can weakens the system and reach to their personal goals.

Teyenj further added that the leaders of the new coalition are thinking for the development of the country and all of their concerns are breaking the monopoly of power in ARG.

Ariananews has repeatedly tried to get interview with the leaders of the new coalition, but they refused to present for an interview.

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