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Clashes on As Taliban Attack District, 3 Villages in Faryab

(Last Updated On: January 8, 2018)

At least three villages and the center of Kohestan district of Faryab province come under Taliban attack and fierce clashes are underway between militants and Afghan security forces, local officials said.

The Kohestan chief district, Abdul Rahman Panah said, “One of the commando forces, a religious scholar were killed and four uprising forces, two women and two children were wounded during the clashes in Mullah Aerfi, Ghorzad and Khair Abad villages.”

Expressing serious concern, Mr. Panah stressed on launching the clearing operations by Afghan security forces in the insecure areas of Faryab.

In the meantime, the Shahin 209 Corps said at least 26 armed oppositions of the government were killed and wounded in northern and northeastern parts of the country and the operations are underway for clearing the insecure villages in Faryab.

The spokesman of Faryab Police, Abdul Karim Yourish further added that the Taliban attacks were pushed back in Arab Aqsay village and Faryab highway.

According to Yourish, Afghan defense and security forces are attempting to eliminate Taliban hideouts in several areas of Faryab province.

This comes as security officials claimed a number of backup forces have been deployed to Kohestan district and the opposition groups have suffered heavy casualties during the clashes in the past few days.

The Taliban attack in Kohestan district has highlighted the dire security situation in many provincial areas of Afghanistan, where the militants control many territories and operate freely in the areas.

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