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Civil Society Joint Working Group Condemns Civilian Causalities in Afghanistan

(Last Updated On: November 7, 2016)

1The civil society joint working group (CSJWG) members have expressed concerns over sharp rise of civilian causalities in Afghanistan, demanding both Afghan and international forces to avoid killing of civilians during war, saying killing of civilians at war isn’t acceptable.

Civil society activist Khalilullah Raufi said, “The Civil Society joint working group ( CSJWG) members significantly condemn the sharp rise of civilian causalities in Afghanistan, and expressed deep sorrows and  shared feelings with those families who have lost their love once in Kunduz recent clashes.”

Earlier dozens of Kunduz residents have lost their life at war where Afghan and international security forces launched offensive attacks to eliminate Taliban from Kunduz city.

They have demanded the international and Afghan security troops to precisely carry out the duties at war against terrorists.

“The Afghan and international security forces should make commitment to avoid killing of civilians during war in the country.” Mohammad Rasoul civil society activist said.

Further he declared that the main killer of innocent residents of Kunduz were Taliban, who used the residents as shelled to gain grounds and resist for while.

Based on the recent estimation of United Nations Organization, in past six months 1601 civilians were killed, and the rest of 3565 civilians were injured in Afghanistan and in most case the civilians were tortured by Taliban.

Reported by: Yousuf Rashid

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