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Civil Society institutions criticize delay in forming Electoral Reforms Commission

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2015)


Delay in forming an electoral reforms commission by national unity government has sparked sharp criticisms.

A number of civil society institutions such as; Afghanistan Election Watch, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan and New Line organization with the publication of a joint declaration called for the formation of the Commission as soon as possible.

They believe that holding another election without reforming the electoral system is infidelity to Afghan people.

Fahim Sidiqi, head of New Line organization said, “We are demanding the national unity government clarity and transparency about the delay in forming the electoral reforms commission.”

They emphasized that the government should guarantee the implementation of decisions of the electoral reforms commission.

“We seek the role of civil society in the commission and demand fully support of government in relation to the implementation of decisions of the commission.” Shah Mahmud Mal, responsible for programs of Afghanistan election watch said.

It has been scheduled that President Ghani’s decree to from the commission sing on Wednesday but now President’s spokesman say Ghani wants another few days to consult and campaigns for signing the decree.

Reported by Hamid Sidiqi


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