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Civil Society Activists Support Issuance of Electronic ID Cards

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2018)

A number of civil society activists have supported the issuance of electronic Identity Cards (e-NIC), insisting that the move will ensure transparency in elections.

They stressed that the new ID cards should be rolled out with printed words nationality and ethnicity.

“The distribution of electronic ID cards guarantees transparency of the elections and we support the government’s decision,” said Rohullah Nikbin, a civil society activist.

Since last few days, at least 50 high-ranking government officials have applied for electronic ID cards and their names have been entered into the database, according to the Population Registration Department.

Rohullah Ahmadzai, a spokesman of the department said that the issuance of new ID cards will be inaugurated in Kabul in the near future and the president will be the first person to receive the card.

However, the move has followed strong reactions of the Chief Executive Office and a number of politicians.

Mohammad Mohaqiq, Second Deputy to Abdullah Abdullah said that the government should not impose identity of a particular ethnic group on other ethnic groups, He warned that the move will lead the country into crisis.

Kaihan Baloch, a member of the parliament said that the government has taken the decision against their will, insisting that he is oppose to having “Afghan” as nationality in his ID card.

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